Specialized in the
internationalization of companies
Having a good
export network is essential
Complete export management
Design and development of the internationalization plan
Inclusion of the product / service in the most convenient international markets

Foreign trade consultancy

specialized in the internationalization of companies

Gladexport is a foreign trade consultancy, specialized in the internationalization of companies, helping and accompanying them during their installation in European and African markets. Having a good export network is essential to go far beyond survival in international markets. Gladexport facilitates, advises, accompanies and controls every part of the export process to elevate your inclusion in that market to its greatest exponent.

As intermediaries, we give you a completely personalized and specialized service, studying your product / service, the most appropriate markets and controlling the competition from up close. In an increasingly global world, the number of emerging markets to explore is considerable, so having a solid export system is very significant.

Get the best possible international positioning

In Gladexport export with sense. Our team, highly trained, puts at your disposal their knowledge to carry out the export plan. We do not just look for the launch of your product / service in a market beyond national borders; at Gladexport we work to stabilize your situation and positioning in the market in question, making it an important part of the benefits of your economic activity.

Each company has its own peculiarities and nuances, in other words, each of our clients is different. Therefore, our work is completely personalized, we create the export project based on your needs and objectives. After an exhaustive analysis of your product / service, study your competence and the situation of your target market (European or African); we designed an action plan built, especially for you.


Market analysis

Knowing the situation of the company and its context within the commercial framework of the destination country, is a fundamental point that we must leave completely tied, before making any movement towards export, if you want to have a successful internationalization. With this analysis, we can anticipate any obstacle that may arise, recognize the future positioning of your product / service, identify future buyers or detect the best business opportunities.

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Thanks to this market analysis, the Gladexport team will be able to determine which will be the best way for a successful inclusion in the European and African international market. In addition, it will serve as a tool for the adaptation of the product / service to its target market in terms of customs and language, making the appropriate adjustments, avoiding possible cultural shocks.

Establish contact with companies

In this era of globalization, business relationships are essential to succeed in a market of any kind. Settling in a different market is difficult, much more if the market is beyond national borders. We will help you to open your way among your competitors, take the advantage, we will put you in touch with as many companies as you need (distributors, suppliers …).

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In Gladexport, we put you in contact with companies in Europe and Africa in order to turn internationalization into benefits. We will create a network of contacts (distributors, suppliers …) with which to work on the positioning of your brand. These relationships are vital for your presence in foreign markets. There are many European and African companies that want to meet you, that are interested in you, since Gladexport we put you in touch with them.

Advised meetings

Ignorance of the processes of internationalization and lack of experience in this area are the main reasons why brands decide not to carry out internationalization projects. At Gladexport, we are specialized in the subject and we give you assistance during negotiations related to foreign trade. Sign your business agreements under a specialized and objective view.

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Our team is an expert in international markets and exports, with them you will be able to contrast and comment on specific cases dealt with at meetings. They advise you to make the most convenient decisions for your export project. They are with you during your meetings, you can deal with any issue related to the internationalization of your brand with knowledge and with the confidence of being advised by experts. We treat your project as our own and we ensure that the agreements are as beneficial as possible for your brand and your positioning in European and African markets.


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